Fresh Installation


Be sure that your server meets the HelpDeskZ requirements.

Configuration file

  • Unzip the HelpDeskZ script package.

  • Browse to directory /hdz/app/Config/ and rename the file to Helpdesk.php.

  • Edit this file and complete the required information (Site URL, database information, etc).

Install it!

  • Connect with FTP to the public folder of your server.

  • Upload all HelpDeskZ in the directory that you will install it (domain directory or subdomain).

  • Open /install in your browser, for example (modify your URL).

  • The HelpDeskZ setup script will run. Click INSTALL HELPDESKZ and follow the instructions through installation wizard.

  • Now it’s time to setup your help desk! Open the staff panel in your browser, for example: Use the login details that you entered in the installation process.

  • Take some time and get familiar with all the available settings. Most should be self-explanatory.

  • Thanks for using HelpDeskZ!


If you want to make a new installation again, then be sure you removed the file /hdz/writable/cache/instal.config to unlock the installation wizard.