Upgrading from 1.x to 2.0


v2.x was rewritten from scratch so the attachments from tickets will be lost in this new version.

The upgrade process is very simple and just follow these steps:

Configuration file

  • Unzip the HelpDeskZ script package.

  • Browse to directory /hdz/app/Config/ and rename the file Helpdesk.new.php to Helpdesk.php.

  • Edit this file and complete the required information (Site URL, database information, etc).

Update your site

  • Upload all files of v2.x to your HelpDeskZ directory.

  • Open /install in your browser, for example http://support.mysite.com/install (modify your URL).

  • The HelpDeskZ setup script will run. Click UPGRADE HELPDESKZ and follow the instructions through upgrade wizard.

  • Now it’s time to setup your help desk! Open the staff panel in your browser, for example: http://support.mysite.com/staff

  • Take some time and get familiar with all the available settings. Most should be self-explanatory.

  • Thanks for using HelpDeskZ!